Life List

  1. Travel to all 50 states (Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont)
  2. Travel abroad
  3. Go on a cruise
  4. Own my own home
  5. Pay off all credit card debt
  6. Buy a designer handbag
  7. Make my own bread
  8. See Muse live (completed March 2010)
  9. Paint a picture and hang it up in my home
  10. Learn a foreign language
  11. Watch five classic movies that I've never seen (1/5 - The Maltese Falcon)
  12. Take a road trip
  13. Gamble in Vegas (completed May, 2010)
  14. Grow my own vegetables
  15. Be able to do five regular push ups
  16. Jump off a waterfall
  17. Learn to ski
  18. See a show on Broadway
  19. Take a circus class
  20. Tour an old European castle
  21. Buy a car without taking out a loan
  22. Give $100.00 to an animal shelter
  23. Learn to play poker
  24. Ride a mechanical bull (completed April 2011 in Dallas Texas)
  25. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry
  26. Learn sign language
  27. Learn to play a musical instrument
  28. Make eggnog from scratch
  29. Eat a Philly cheesesteak