Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Like an episode of COPS.

My friend Liz invited me over for dinner last night.  The only problem is that Liz lives in Dorchester.  Dorchester is a part of Boston that I never venture to.  I don't know anyone who lives there (besides Liz) and there are some really sketchy parts of Dorchester.  Parts that as the whitest white girl who looks like she's 20 years old should not be wandering around by herself.  There are some nicer parts of Dorchester but I don't know it well enough to know where not to go.

I have a plan though.  I decide I'll take the T and then rather than take a bus and then walk to Liz's apartment I'll catch a cab at the T station.  Seemed like a good plan.

Except there were no cabs.

I stay calm.  It's still light out and I can take the bus and then walk down Dot. Ave.  It's a busy street and I'm sure Liz would have warned me if it was really unsafe.

I miss the first bus by a minute because I can't figure out where the stop is and by the time I realize hey that's my bus over there it's pulling out of the station.  I have nothing to do but wait for the next one.

While I'm waiting a young man comes over to me with a cane.  He asks me if I know when the next bus is coming and I tell him 15 minutes.  Then shit starts to get weird.

"Yeah I can't walk from here because the po-lice messed up my knee."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

"Yeah I was running away from them even though they were going after my friend and I was one my bike and they knocked me off."

"Oh that doesn't sound good."

"Yeah and then they shot my friend and let him die so I'm in mourning right now."

".....I'm sorry to hear that....."

"But don't worry because I'm gonna sue and get money for my knee.  They don't own me I own me."

At this point I'm smiling and nodding because what else am I suppose to do!

This bus finally arrives and I only have to go one stop which I could have walked if I knew where I was going.  Instead I get to listen to this guy who sounds like he's doing a re-cap of an episode of COPS.

I tell Liz my little adventure over dinner and wine with two of her friends.  Her apartment is very cute and she's a really good cook.  At the end of the night I ask her if she could walk me back to the T with her dog Sammy, a giant golden retriever.

I felt so much better once I got back on the Green line.  I know where I'm going, I know my neighborhood, I'm not talking about shootings with a stranger.


  1. Oh man, I freakin hate crazy bus people.

    I once had this man tell me all about how in the olympics how they have women's diving competition and how I learn to do it then try out for the olympics.

    I seriously wasnted to go, "What the hell buddy, why would I do that?" But I held back, and just nodded and awkwardly smiled trying not to laugh.

  2. Savin Hill is one of the "good" parts of Dorchester, Dot Ave is fine for the most part. My worst incident was Mattapan on Labor Day 2007 waiting 20+ minutes for a bus in my short dress from the previous night, a guy in a tinted window SUV kept hissing at me like he thought I was a streetwalker.

  3. Let me know if you end up being a professional diver Sassy Pants. I'll come cheer you on.

    Caroline - It didn't seem too bad. I was just nervous because I don't know the area at all and had no idea if I took a wrong turn if I would end up in the bad part.

    And keep it rolling tinted window dude. Yikes.

  4. Also, I don't know what I called you Caroline rather than Carly ha.

    From Virginia.