Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Off the wagon

I was doing so good!  I was eating less, making healthier choices and exercising.  I started to notice small improvements in my arms and waistline.  Yesterday as I'm shoving a burger in my mouth after beer number four I realized I've fallen off the wagon.

Ok so I haven't been on a crazy food binge (besides the 4th of July but I was just celebrating America's birth like a true American!) and I did order a side salad rather than fries the other day but I'm still not eating as healthy as I was.

I was talking to my size zero mom about this and she just makes it seem so easy.  "Just eat a little less and don't eat those french fries."  She knows about my french fry addiction.  You might as well be asking a junkie to give up heroin.  That is how I fell about french fries.  It seems easy in theory but me eating less equals me being cranky.  I love food and I love to eat.

This morning I woke up and ate mac and cheese and oatmeal cookies.  Not a great start.  But I'm recommitted.  When I focus I do well.  I don't have that much weight to loose.  10lbs and I'll be happy.

I'm nipping this in the fat bum before I gain back those 5lbs I lost.


  1. :( Ditto.

    Ten little pounds and I'd be so happy. It's not even the french fries, though, it's the chocolate for me. Today, however, I start attempting couch to 5k with the baby sis. *deep breath*


  2. I can identify with this. However, an obstacle here is summer heat. Don't let it win! And as motivation, I will attempt to join you in this quest to eat healthier. I say that now, we'll see how it goes.