Monday, August 15, 2011

Creeeepy with a capital C

Blogger is annoying my right now.  I post a picture on my blog and then a day later the picture doesn't show up.  What gives blogger?

I spent Saturday at a lake house in Western Mass for Meg's 30th birthday.  I ate too much, got tossed out of a tube and played some badminton.   A successful lake day.  Sunday I slept in and met up with Melissa for lunch.  The topic of discussion was mostly the state of our dating lives.  Things are getting interesting around these parts.  That's all I'll say about that.

I didn't sleep well last night.  The book I'm reading is giving me nightmares!  I tend to get really involved in books.  I also have really intense vivid dreams that I remember.  This is not always the best combination.  The cause of my restless nights:

The Season of Passage is one of Christopher Pike's adult novels and let me say it is Creeeeeeepy with a capital C.  I'm not a big fan of blood and gore horror whether it be books or movies.  I like suspense and mystery, something that leaves you feeling unsettled.  Considering I can't read this book before bed I think I'm feeling thoroughly unsettled.

I have some fun things planned for the rest of this week so let's get past this rainy Monday and onward towards the fun stuff!


  1. blogger is creepy. that book sounds quite scary...

  2. I tend to read more sci-fi and fantasy, but everyone once and a while I pick up something that's a bit more horror and the descriptions are so vivid, they give me nightmares. I think, perhaps, I will avoid this particular book. :)

  3. Extremely vivid nightmares are my least favorite thing, but at least you know what's causing them! I'm with you on choosing suspense over gore, but sometimes those kinds of books can give you another kind of creepy dreams.

  4. @Holly - this book has a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy. It's set on Mars but there's also a back story that's more fantasy.