Sunday, October 30, 2011

And then a furry touched my butt

I am am massively hungover right now. I can't lay down because it hurts my head. I made myself some eggs because I've heard eggs are good for hangover recovery.

I went to a massive Halloween party last night even though we got hit with a Nor'easter. I put on my bee costume, a winter coat, some boots and froze my butt off! Seriously, I wasn't wearing pants, just tiny shorts.

This is how we roll in Boston. You can't make me wear pants mother nature!

The party was in a huge old house. There were servant stairs! I love old houses. My costume was a hit. Dave was a hit with the gay guys which had Melissa and I cracking up and at some point a furry touched my butt. Yep. That's what I call a good night folks.

I think my favorite moment of the night was when a guy dressed up as a Spartan gladiator stumbled to a cab and yelled "take me home to SPARTAAAAA!!!!!"

Costume pics ahead!

Dave as Bill the Butcher

Quail Man!

The butt touching furry


  1. Yay Halloween! We had snow here too but not that much!

  2. @Penny Lane - you can! Do it up!

    @huginacup - we didn't get a ton. Probably about two inches in Boston but western mass got slammed.