Friday, October 21, 2011


Dave texted me last night to let me know he was watching Casper.  Well that's kind of awkward because one of my future husbands is in this movie.  That would be Devon Sawa, not Bill Pullman.

The ending of Casper drives me nuts!  This probably seems like a ridiculous statement and that may be but let me explain why.

Casper gives up his chance to be human again to save Bill Pullman.  When I first saw this movie I was all excited because Christina Ricci's dead mother was going to give Casper his life back.  NOT.  Instead she's all "You can be alive again for about an hour so enjoy that.  I'm also imposing a curfew because you're a young ghost and you know young ghosts have to go to bed at a decent time."  I'm paraphrasing here...

Really ghost mom?  I mean that's just ridiculous!  The poor kid only gets to be human again once and you're going to impose a curfew?

A few more questions:

Why do the ghosts in this movie look nothing at all like people?

What happens to Casper when Christina Ricci's character grows up and starts dating boys that are alive? 

Why is Devon Sawa only in this movie for 3 minutes?

This is what keeps me up at night.  I still love this movie by the way and if any dude wants to melt a girls heart just whisper "can I keep you?"   You can thank me later for that advice dudes.


  1. Casper is one of those movies that I've never seen from beginning to end, only in small parts here and there.

    Now that you put it this way, though, HOW DEPRESSING.

  2. I LOVE that movie. And although that is lame that he only gets to be human for an hour, I still liked the ending. And yes, this movie also gave me a huge crush on Devon Sawa.