Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brown eyed girl

Apparently there is a doctor in California who has been perfecting a procedure to turn brown eyes blue permanently.  I'm sure a lot of people would have this procedure done.  I'm perfectly happy with my brown eyes, thank you very much.  Brown eyed girl wasn't written blue eyed girl now was it?  Embrace your eye color folks or get colored contacts that don't involve lasers.

Now let's move onto books because I love books.  Some girls love shopping for shoes while I on the other hand love shopping for books.  There are a ton of books I want to read right now and I know I should just go to the library but some of these are newer books that they probably don't have yet or will be taken out for months before I can get my hands on it.  I am not patient when I want to read something.

There are two books I'm excited about.  Crossed by Allie Condie which was released yesterday and Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Claire which is not due out until early December.  I've created a new rule for myself which is I can only buy one book a month unless I get a gift card.  I just bought City of Ashes so I have to wait to buy Crossed.  This is torture.  I also tend to read really fast so I'm about halfway through City of Ashes which I just bought yesterday.  

I'm still reading a Storm of Swords in between all of this.  Look at that! I don't only read YA novels.  I also take book suggestions so if you read something and liked it, let me know.  I will read pretty much any genre.


  1. I have blue eyes and I always wanted green eyes. Also we all know I have a deep love of books, so deep I have 3 books waiting to be read if I can ever finish the current one.

  2. I'd keep my brown eyes too. I mean, light eyes are very pretty, but I mean, why? I think I'm pretty awesome as I am. ;)


  3. We can talk books anytime...I am obsessed with books. Two summers ago, I bought thirty books and devoured them. Mainly the classics, but I have a lot of contemporary loves too. I like slightly off-beat reads, YA, and small splashes of romance if the plot has some depth.

  4. I bet you're right, a lot of people would get that done. It seems silly though, there is definitely nothing wrong with brown eyes.

  5. @Nikki - I love a lot of classics. Jane Eyre being one of my favs. We should talk books!

  6. I think if I wanted to change my eye color I'd just stick with contacts!

  7. That is so weird about the eye colour thing. I too have brown eyes and am happy with them thanks!

    I also have a book buying problem. This has especially escalated since I got my iPad, as now I don't even have to go to shops or wait for them to be shipped, I get them downloaded immediately! As for a book suggestion - have you read The Passage? A bit scary but super interesting and I couldn't put it down.

    ...and sorry for the essay :P