Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting my hair did

If you spoke to me yesterday and I was acting kind of funny, yeah sorry about that. When Ginny is tired she does strange things. Stranger than my normal strange.

Beer + no dinner = Ginny making mini white pizza at 1 a.m.  I couldn't just eat some crackers or make some toast?  I woke up to ripped cardboard and black olives on my kitchen counter.  I suddenly remembered that I pretty much performed an entire No Doubt concert for the cats.

I'm getting my hair cut today.  I can't wait!  My hair is just way too long and now I think I'm going to bob it.  I haven't had short hair in a while.  I told Dave I was going to get a short lesbian like hair cut; perhaps inspired by Justin Bieber. "Well, just go to a good hair dresser. With your hair type you could pull it off." It was very nice that he was trying to be supportive. I hope he wasn't to disappointed when I told him I was joking.

Pictures after I get my hair did.


  1. OHHH I'm excited. I've had the same haircut since i was 16. So I'm going to live vicariously through your hair!

  2. Ooo! Can't wait to see! Also, now I am craving pizza bagels. Even though you said mini pizza, not pizza bagel.

  3. What a nice boy. Also: pictures! pictures! pictures!

    Also, also, I've been dying to chop off my hair. DYING. But for some reason I'm torturing myself and making myself wait.