Friday, November 25, 2011

Sixty dollars and this doesn't taste like ice cream and raindbows

I never really updated about my awesome nighttime wheezing. Well I went to the doctor and she was pretty much like "enjoy those allergies". That's not a direct quote but pretty much I have allergies and they are killing me right now. This is nothing new. She said that she could prescribe me some cough medicine but I declined telling her that I could just get some over the counter medicine. The coughing wasn't too bad and as much as I wanted that potent prescription cough medicine I didn't want to spend the money. I did take her up on the offer of an inhaler though as I would like to breathe.

Fast forward to me in the ghetto Allston Rite Aid. "This better not be some $50.00 prescription." I thought. The nice pharmacist rings me up. "$60.00 please." I'm sure I made a face. Don't I have insurance? What the hell! I would rather have paid $60.00 for the cough syrup. At least that makes you all loopy and knocks you out. This inhaler tastes gross and I have to rinse my mouth out after. My doctor told me to do this. Um why do I have to rinse my mouth out after? And if it's to help with the bad after taste can you please make a medicine that costs $60.00 with health insurance taste like bubble gum or something!

If I ran for president that would be my platform. "If you pay $60.00 for a medicine it will taste like ice cream and rainbows!"


  1. My ADD meds are $70 a month because they dont come in generic yet. if they were generic, they would be $10. Why the huge discrepancy between generic and non-generic. And I'm on one medication and it just happens to come in non-generic. $70 a month, and I need it. Insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies too, suck!

  2. Ugh at least this is a one time medicine. I hope they get that generic out soon because $70 is insane!