Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Favorite TV shows of 2011

I've decided over the next few days to recap 2011. I'll be sharing lists of my favorite movies, books, music and personal moments. I'll also be sharing what I'm looking forward to in 2012.

Favorite TV shows of 2011

American Horror Story

This show was CREEPY. I had nightmares about it and had to stop watching it before I went to bed. I've always loved a good haunted house story and American Horror delivered. Tate and Violet are my new favorite couple despite how crazy Tate is. And Jessica Lange was pretty fantastic as Constance. I'm glad American Horror will be continuing but in a new location with new characters.

Is it wrong that I have a crush on Tate? Probably.....

Two Broke Girls

This show snuck up on me. I thought it was ok at first but as the season progressed I really started enjoying it. I needed a little comedy in my life and Two Broke Girls is way better than Two and a Half Men. I also totally have a girl crush on Kat Dennings. How could you not?

Once Upon a Time

I'm a sucker for fairy tales. I admit it. I'm also a sucker for a good bitch. And hey Ginnifer Goodwin is not annoying me in something! I have to say that the evil characters tend to be my favorite on this show. I don't know how many seasons this show can last (at some point they have to be clued into the curse and what's really happening) but for now I'm enjoying it.

Downton Abbey

My favorite show of 2011. I love period pieces and PBS knows how to bring the drama. The story is great, the characters are great, the acting is great, can I use great anymore? This show is great. I suggest you check it out even if period dramas aren't normally your thing. I can't wait for the January premiere of season 2. It's going to be like Christmas even though it's not!

You're probably wondering where Game of Thrones is one here and the answer is I haven't seen it yet. You see, I'm poor because I live in Boston where I pay $145.00 a month for a parking spot so I must wait for it to come out on Netflix. It would be on my list if I had actually watched it.


  1. It's definitely wrong to have a crush on Tate, but I can't help myself... I'm gonna need to fill my AHS void with something, but I'm not sure what yet. I already miss it and it hasn't been a week! Looking forward to seeing what they do next season (I have a post scheduled for tomorrow which discusses this).

  2. Ohh I wanna see the Once Upon a Time one, but I have no idea when/where its on...

    Also: American Horror Story. I saw one or two episodes and I so so so so regret it. Too scary.

  3. I haven't seen any of those shows - I think a couple aren't out in Aus yet but they all look pretty interesting!

  4. I didn't read what you said about American Horror Story because I've only seen the first episode, but damn was it scary. I very much want to continue, but I am too terrified. One day I will be a big girl and bite the bullet.

  5. I intend to start watching American Horror Story on Hulu tonight. I am super excited about it.

  6. @Tsa - It's going to be a long wait

    @Gia - It's on Sundays I think on abc

    @Lozzz - I would hate to have to wait like that.

    @Cherie - I didn't give anything away. It is a creepy show.

    @Ally - It's really good. You'll love it.

  7. Downton Abbey is on my to-do list, but otherwise...LOVE

    I watch too much tv though. Too too much.

  8. I also thoroughly enjoyed Downton Abbey. I was really pleasantly surprised. It was quite addictive and I am also eagerly awaiting Season 2!