Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday ramblings and holiday themed underwear.

I think I've found my Christmas spirit! I don't dislike the holidays but I feel like it takes some time for me to get in the festive mood. I'm looking forward to our company party next week and we're also having a party with the other businesses on our floor on the 22nd. The floor party is a new thing this year. The more parties the better I say.

I kind of want a tree but I live with two crazy cats that would make a contest out of who could knock over the tree faster, so instead I look out my window and enjoy my neighbor's tree. Hey neighbors! I'm only tree peeping, don't mind me.

I haven't started Christmas shopping yet but having the money to do so would help. I really need some new pants too. My jeans are looking pathetic. I'm pretty sure there is going to be a hole in the crotchal region soon and this is my best pair!  Better double up on the underwear for protection.

I want fun holiday themed underwear now. Maybe ones that say "Ho Ho Ho" across the butt.


  1. Ho ho ho underwear does exist. I'm 98% sure of it.

  2. excepppt..don't get Santa screwed
    {not a spam} :)

  3. I bet you can find those undies at Victoria Secret!