Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ramen days.

This is my lunch today. Don't let the package fool you. There are no vegetables of any sort in this soup. I had a hard time getting up this morning and I think it might be due to the switch up of allergy medicine. I blame my laziness on that.

Sneezing has much improved though. Texting half asleep might be a problem.

"Cats with guns. Probably not my best idea."

I sat in-between a guy who smelled like moth balls and a woman with out of control elbows on the T today. What a lovely commute.

Tonight I make white pizza with black olives and attempt to finish watching the Forsyte Saga.  Soames, I'd like to punch you in the mouth very much.


  1. I love Ramen too. Like a lot. I always get embarrassed to bring it for lunch though. I'm so chicken shit. :(

  2. I like noodles but I've not had official Ramen. Cats with guns is an amazing idea. Amazing. Giving them lightsabers is the only way to beat it.

  3. Ramen party for all! Mark - Ramen is pretty amazing. Do they sell it over there or is it an American thing?