Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hair spray in the face and hey it's 2012.

Hello there 2012. So far we are off to a pretty good start. I woke up with no hangover this morning which was a nice surprise. I think it was the 3 a.m. pop corn I ate.

I decided to get a little fancy last night and curl my hair. I need some practice. I don't normally fuss with my hair much. And hair spray? Let's just say I hit myself right in the face and started gagging. Good one.

I wish I had taken more pictures but I'm still with out a digital camera and I was too busy trying to hold onto my drink. It was pretty packed in Golden Temple.

Speaking of Golden Temple they always have a really cool ice sculpture out front for NYE. It's a fun Chinese Restaurant in Brookline that looks like the inside of some futuristic space ship or a beehive depending on who you ask.

I was so happy that is wasn't raining, snowing or freezing. This winter has been awesome so far with no significant snow fall since Halloween. The skiers and snowboarders are sad while I'm giving mother nature a high-five.

I have tomorrow off and I plan on being extremely lazy and taking lots of naps.

AND the Bachelor starts tomorrow. Yes, I watch the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. I can't lie to you.


  1. One of the reasons I have short hair is that I don't have to do anything to it. I commend your effort. It looks very cute and elegant.

  2. Nice! I actually totally meant to curl my hair last night too, but alas, I did not remember my curling iron. Le sigh.

  3. Thanks guys. I think this will be a once a year thing because I'm lazy. I'm glad I tried it though.