Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I think I have a resolution for the new year. This post may have been written on NyQuil.

Yesterday I realized something that needs to be remedied.

It started with a sneeze, and then more sneezes and me attempting to work while clutching a box of tissues. I'm sick and rather than suffer in silence I have to pester my co-workers.

Is it a cold or allergies?

Have you heard of grape seed extract?

I think it's allergies.

I think it's a cold.

How annoying am I? Obnoxious. I'm not looking for sympathy I'm looking for a remedy and confirmation of what I have. I want someone to say "yes that is most definitely a cold" or "grape seed extract has many great health benefits such as..." I want a human google that will comfort me.

Once I realized that this was a cold and there was no grape seed extract to be found (you bet your ass I went to CVS and Walgreens) I came to the conclusion that I am an over sharer. No one cares about your cold Ginny. Of course they don't wish me ill but they don't want to diagnose their hypochondriac co-worker either.

So this is my resolution for 2012! Stop over sharing. Sometimes the words just come out of my mouth before I even know it's moving. I'm a sharer. I mean I have a blog. But it needs to stay on the blog where people can choose to read it or with my mom who tolerates my crazy ass.

I may take on keeping my mouth shut in regards to stupid status updates on facebook as a second resolution but I couldn't let a grown woman think that being on the pill stops your period.

With love and NyQuil. - Ginny


  1. Hah! NyQuil or not, I know what you mean. I think I overshare with illnesses too. I'm not sure why, since it sure bothers me when people overshare like that to me. Perhaps I'll join you in having this as resolution - onced I stop googling all the rare diseases I might have caught somehow :P

    (also hope you feel better!)

  2. Hahah, well whatever it is, I hope you feel better. And it's suuuuper hard to hold your tongue when stupid people are being stupid.

  3. Just letting you know I selected you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  4. overshares can be SO FUN!

    i recently had to stop myself from asking my boyfriend how often he poops every day. i am just curious about such things, but i guess everyone isn't! lol

  5. I enjoy your oversharing though :(

  6. Saying you have a cold isn't over sharing. Telling everyone how you're dying and the crusties in your nose is over sharing.

  7. @Lozzz - let me know what you think you might have because I might have it too.

    @Gia - I'll be ok with my cold meds

    @huginacup - thank you!

    @drollgirl - if you do ask your boyfriend that, please let me know his reaction.

    @KG - the blog will still have over sharing :)

    @Shelly - good point Shelly!