Sunday, January 22, 2012

I think tonight I'll take the long way

The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. That was quite the stressful game. The Super Bowl sometimes lands on my birthday but this year it's the day after. I told my friends that if they don't go to my birthday party because the Super Bowl is the next day they will never hear the end of it.

Sunday is becoming my favorite day of the week, mostly due to Downton Abbey. My obsession with that show seems to only be growing.

I was so lazy this weekend. I blame the snow. I had weird dreams last night. Dreams of people that I haven't seen in a long time. I woke up feeling a bit sad and nostalgic. But time marches on and none of us can stop it.

I've been listening to too much Dashboard this weekend


  1. :( I'm so sad the Ravens lost.

  2. Awww I'm sorry. It was a really close game!

  3. I often dream about people I use to know. I tell myself it's because I know so few people my mind has to use the old ones to fill the gaps.

  4. I am soooo excited the Patriots won! YAY. Good game though!

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  6. One of my friends claims that Downton Abbey this season isn't as good as the first season, but I totally disagree. This season has been excellent so far!

  7. I am so nostalgic, and I only realise it when, like you, I wind up thinking about people who probably haven't spared me a thought in years. It makes me sad and achey. Still, life now is pretty awesome so focus on that!! x

  8. I just started watching Downton Abbey this weekend! I'm excited to finish the first season.

    And, football almost gave me a heart attack yesterday. I'm also highly upset the Giants won their game.

  9. @Mark - sometimes I make up people in my dreams. You can always try that ;)

    @L-Kat - Me too! It was a good game. A nail biter for everyone I'm sure.

    @Charlie - I think it's just as good, the editing in some places is a little choppy but I can overlook that.

    @Harley - It makes me sad and achey too! :(

    @KG- Welcome to the Downton Abbey club! I didn't want the giants to win but ah well what can you do.