Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've got the fever

I've been all sorts of mixed up this week. Having Monday off really threw me. I somehow turned my alarm off without even remembering doing so. Luckily I'm super paranoid about over sleeping the paranoia worked it's way into my dream and I woke up with a start arms flailing for my phone. I definitely slept later than usual but still made it to work on time. I think I need the weekend stat.

We finally got a little bit of snow this week but it was pretty pathetic by New England standards. Its already melted.

January is flying by. I've been putting off planning my birthday party extravaganza because I'm in denial that it's almost February. I'm also in denial about getting older in general. I don't feel like I'm in my late 20s. That has to count for something. I finally picked a place. The same place I went to on New Years. I'm getting predictable in my old age.

Dave now thinks I have baby fever but I assured him it's only baby nephew fever. Just because I'm getting closer to 30 does not mean I'm ready for kids. Besides I have an adorable little nephew to dote on.


  1. When is your birthday? Mine is coming up: January 24!

  2. Awwww yes he is adorable :) It is nearly the weekend though, you have just a few days to go.

  3. Your nephew is so cute. Look at those eyes!

  4. Nephew/Niece fever is waaay different than baby fever. Educate Dave! :)

    Yay birthday! It's gonna sneak up on you. Better gets-to planning...


  5. Your nephew is adorable!! You're so lucky :) I hope to be a cool aunt one day.

  6. I agree with Lor, it's so different! I love my nieces and nephew to pieces. However, I also like leaving at the end of the day to a quiet home. I do not have the baby fever.

  7. @Gia - thank you!

    @L-Kat - February 4th. Yours is very soon!

    @Mark - I think I might be able to make it.

    @Ally - Thank you! Gigantic eyes run in my family. He got that from my brother for sure.

    @Lor - Oh I educated him ha.

    @Tsa - Thank you. I'm very excited to be the cool aunt

    @Shelly - I'm glad I'm not alone on this ha ha.