Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've injested more shark than you.

I've been taking this herbal medicine for years but never looked at the ingredients closely. The list starts off pretty normal. There's some gelatin, olive kernel extract, soy - nothing out of the ordinary. Then I get to the end of the ingredients and see fish (shark). What? There's shark in this? How many sharks have I consumed over the years? This is very disturbing. I'm really sorry Jaws but I'm not going to stop taking this medicine because it actually really helps me. I am really fucked if I go swimming in the ocean. The sharks are either going to take their revenge or kidnap me while whispering "one of us!!!".

If you're curious, this is the medicine I take. One of these days I'll write a post about interstitial cystitis (or IC for short). You'll notice that this medicine costs $45.00 per bottle and I take 4 capsules a day. Shark ain't cheap.

Last night I went to sleep with a stomach ache. I'm pretty sure this is from the pixie stick Melissa gave me. I feel fine now but I guess shark doesn't go well with lots of sugar. We went to Chill for some frozen yogurt. I don't understand why this place has to sound like a club all the time. There were two young men across from me that were busting out some sweet dance moves. It was pretty funny because they were doing it like it was no big deal. Just eating my frozen yogurt in the club, nbd.

One of my blogger friends had her gmail and blog shut down for I don't even know what. She's freaking out that her blog might be gone and I really hope it's not. I would be freaking out if that happened to me. Just remember google that I'm part shark now. Don't mess with me.


  1. Poor sharks... I had a shark steak once. Was way meatier than I thought it would be, not very fishy at all. I felt horribly guilty afterwards because sharks are my favourite animal, but I wanted to know everything about them at the time including what they tasted like grilled.

    Sharks get such bad press but look, here they are helping you with your IC! Sharks; the boy scouts of the water world!

  2. Why would that happen to someone's blog? SOPA didn't get passed! I'm confused.

    Also, shark? Bad ass.

  3. Oh man. Who's blog got shut down?

  4. Hahaha it would be quite interesting to see exactly how much shark bits you have consumed over the years.. :D

    My blog is my baby I'd smack someone if it was shut down. *gangsta* :P


  5. I've had shark fin soup before, and I'd be lying if I said it was anything but delicious.

    I do feel for the sharks though. I mean, I would actually really like to FEEL a shark, because I imagine their skin is much like a dolphin and dolphins feel pretty nifty. Anyway....

  6. Good to know that shark and sugar don't mix. I'll have to remember that.

  7. When I think of "herbal medicine" I definitely think "shark". Wait. That's not right...
    As long as it's doing its job.
    Also, my wife surprised me last night by coming home with chill. I definitely did a happy food dance so I can't judge.

  8. I wonder what type of Shark they specifically use. Great White? Tiger? Hammerhead? I am going to google this situation.

  9. Oh man Shark! I cannot believe it,! Why would they put shark in anything?

  10. Clearly the only reason Google decided to mess with my blog was because I'm made of 0% shark. I yelled at them, and it's back now, but I believe the real reason they gave me my blog back is because you posted this and they know we're friends. Thanks Ginny!


  11. @Harley - So shark steak is a go then?

    @Gia - all is well now. Her blog has returned.

    @Jes - Lorraine's but it's back now!

    @Tay Tay - I really want to know how much shark I've consumed!

    @KG - Shark fin soup? Where does one even find that?

    @L-Kat - Glad to help :)

    @Melissa - Me too right? I mean shark is in all sorts of natural remedies....

    @Ally - Ooh I hope it's Tiger with a dash of great white.

    @Penny - I have no idea! I never thought to read what was in it. I knew there was shellfish or something but not shark!

    @Mich - I kind of think so too ha ha.

    @Lor - I'm glad i could help. Let me know if you have anymore problems

  12. Sharks are killer. Though I reckon I could take one in a fair fight. On land, that is. Anyway, I wanted to say "godIhateyogurtplaces/coffeeshops/anythingthatsnotaclubplayingloudmusicandpeoplebreakingintodanceandloudfuckingcloursonthewall" Yup, feel much better now.

  13. HAHA this is great, unintentionally ingesting shark, but then again you could always make friends with the other fish for eating their biggest enemy? things to think about.