Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There's gonna be a sucky boot bonfire.

I completely wiped out running for the T this morning. Lying in the middle of the street flat on my back is not how I want to start the day. Many things are going to be hurting tomorrow. My right elbow is already throbbing.

I purchased these winter boots from REI last year. They are the worst pair of boots I've ever owned. I think plastic bags tied around my feet would do a better job.

First of all my feet get wet when I walk in snow with them. What is the point of making a pair of winter boots that don't keep your feet dry? I'm not jumping in puddles I'm walking in snow!

Second of all these boots have the worst traction ever of any shoe or boot I've ever had. This makes perfect sense considering they are winter boots. I mean why make a pair of boots that have some traction for slippery conditions. Again, I think a plastic bag might be a better option.

Third of all, I don't really have a third of all except that these boots suck. They suck hard core and I want to burn them.

Complaining is now done. Come by my place later for a sucky boot bonfire. I'll be the one with plastic bags tied around my feet.

Does faux fur smell when you burn it?


  1. Maybe get new soles put on? I had a pair of boots that had no traction and thanks to them I ended up with 25 stitches...well 47 if you count when I reopened my knee injury the second time.

    Don't risk it! Trash 'em or get them fixed! Waterproof spray :)

  2. Chuck 'em. Chuck 'em and then go out and buy those ones that look like P. Diddy's old jackets for your feet.

    And get legwarmers. Very important!

  3. lol. a plastic bag might be better. that is not saying much for those crappy boots! ugh!

  4. Fo-fur smells like melting plastic when it burns, but it's better than smelling like the souls of dead animals.

    I'm just kidding. Both burning materials smell equally unpleasant. I'm sorry that your boots don't keep your feet dry.

    But the bright side? Bonfire, #haaaaay.

  5. All of my winter boots are like this! How hard is it to make good winter boots?!