Friday, February 3, 2012

28 is just a number.

Tomorrow I turn 28. What the hell life? When did you start going by so fast?

I thought by 28 I'd be married with a kid or two. I also thought I was going to be a chemist and win a gold medal for swimming in the Olympics. Unfortunately this is actually written down in my sixth grade yearbook which my mother kept. Although I'm neither married nor an Olympic gold medalist I think I'm doing pretty well for myself. I have a good job with co-workers that I consider friends. I live on my own with two fur babies. I have the best family anyone could ask for and friends that I love. I have a boyfriend who treats me better than any guy I've ever been with.

Yes I'm firmly in my late 20s but I still feel like a spring chicken of 21. We all get older whether we like it or not. Let just hope I age well like a Helen Mirren. My mother still looks great so I have high hopes of being an older babe.

Look what I got from a client at work for my birthday.

It was really nice of this client to think of me especially when I've been busy working on their upcoming trial all week.

Saturday night is going to be a BLAST. Yep, all caps. That's how good my birthday at Golden Temple is going to be. Friends have already been telling me that they are super excited for my birthday party which is making me even more excited since everyone else is excited. Get it? GT won't disappoint.

Pictures to follow.

Perhaps a video from your favorite old blogger lady? I thought it might be fun if I answered some questions so ask away in the comments or e-mail me at


  1. YAY for turning 28! I also thought I'd have a good job, be married with a kid or two by now , but no such thing. Instead, I'm still in school, single, and childless. Oh well. :) Is that your fish Edward Cullen on your desk? The flowers are super pretty! Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (and go Patriots!)

    1. I'm totally fine being unmarried and childless right now. I don't know what younger Ginny was thinking.

      That is Edward Cullen. He should have sent me flowers.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes and yes GO PATS

  2. 28 was a great year. yes it rhymes! Have a good one!