Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birthday vlog

Birthday vlog. Just so you know I finally did figure out how to fix the issue with my other webcam.


  1. Have to let you know that what you said on conceited, arrogant Raymi's blog concerning that person that dissed her for talking about her weight all the time was bullshit. That person was on point to say that to her.. In fact it only proves what I told her already is true as well.. That she better change her shit or be stuck doing the same old boring same old 10 yrs from now like I've predicted for her by the way she's going.

    Sam Smith

    1. You really came on my blog to talk trash about about another blogger? Don't comment again with that crap. I won't tolerate that on my blog.

  2. Well happy birthday to you, and don't worry about being 28, it's better than 30!

  3. bitch why are you telling anyone anything no one cares what you think you are nobody, fool!

  4. I already said happy birthday on the Face-boo, but Happy Birthday x2 :)

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