Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boston cracks down on "aggressive" dancing and Ginny goes on a rant

I have to laugh at this - Crack down on aggressive dancing

"Slam" dancing is now illegal in Boston. Would someone like to tell me how a club is suppose to prevent a mosh pit? If you're in a large venue and a mosh pit starts, good luck kicking out everyone involved in the pit. You'd have to cut the show short and people would probably riot. So clubs are suppose to put up signs that say "no moshing" and then if there is moshing they get fined. This is just laughable.

As a concert goer you know what you're getting into. If you don't like moshing then don't go to a metal/hardcore/punk show or you can be like me and stand off to the sides and avoid the mosh pit. The House of Blues has multiple levels and is quite large so I've never had a problem avoiding the pit. Neon signs are not going to solve this problem and doesn't the BPD have anything better to do then hand out a ticket to a club for a mosh pit? Maybe patrol the streets for real crime?

Boston is the most progressive yet puritan state there is. It just blows my mind what is legal and illegal here.

Gay marriage LEGAL (yea!)
Mosh pits ILLEGAL
Marrying your fist cousin LEGAL (?)
Tomatoes may not be used in the production of clam chowder ILLEGAL (well I agree to this)
Alcoholic drink specials ILLEGAL (I'll make my own then!)


  1. I always stand away from mosh areas too. I really hate mosh pits, I'm not gonna lie. So even though this is dumb, a little side of me says, "lol." :)


    1. I just don't see how they expect to enforce this.

  2. My days of moshing are well behind me...but making it illegal seems a bit harsh.
    Having said that in the UK it's technically legal to shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow in Chester, inside the city walls and after midnight.

    1. Good to know. Better work on my bow and arrow skills just in case.

  3. That tomatoes thing is a bit off the wall. Really? Like, WHY??

    Also I stick to the walls. If I venture into a moshpit I get squished like a bug. The bad side of being five foot, I guess!

  4. Ooo...Fargo attempted to make drink specials illegal. WTF? I'm glad that didn't pass.

  5. Technically in Tennessee you have to have a special license if you are going to sell alcohol and have a dance floor. My bar can get fined if someone is dancing there.

  6. Whaddaya mean, "alcohol drink specials?" I've never heard of this!

    As a Manhattanite, I have to defend tomatoes in clam chowder. Although personally, I like both Manhattan AND New England Clam Chowders! I'm Bi-chowderual. Ambi-chowderous?