Sunday, March 11, 2012

Potato and bacon pizza and a direct line to Ireland

Germana moved into my neighborhood which is exciting news for me. We went out last night to celebrate and there's no better way to celebrate any occasion than with massive amounts of potato.

We ordered a potato bacon pizza at the Proper Slice or as Germana's iPhone calls it the "proper slut". This is probably my dream food right here. Pizza, potato, bacon, sour cream, it was amazing.

After we stuffed our faces we moved on to a local bar called Castlebar. We found a direct line to Harley! How exciting!

"Hello Ireland? I need to talk to Harley please, thank you!"

Tender mustache friendship moments.

I'm confused. Do you win the giant jar of pickles or giant can of beans if you play trivia? I would destroy that jar of pickles and by destroy I mean eat.

 Coaster thief! To be fair I did give her the idea....

Germana's boyfriend Andy LOVES democrats. So much so he wrote it on this dry erase board.

If you look closely you will notice that Andy has a pink mustache. Why not right?

I take unflattering pictures of myself and then post them on my blog. Dedication my friends. I know you'll love me anyways right?

Well now I am officially starving after blogging about that amazing pizza. Happy daylight savings day!


  1. Nice mood mustache! I'm using the coasters as we speak with my flamingo tumbler. I want to steal the Ireland phone, it would totes match my kitchen and coasters

    1. I know that Ireland phone is amazing!

  2. I'd totally be down for winning a jar of pickles for winning trivia. Ha!

  3. I think I gained weight just by looking at that pizza! Nom nom nom.

    1. I felt like I gained 5 lbs after I ate it.