Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pretend summer and my addiction to kielbasa

It's May in Boston but you would think it's still April. The weather has been dreary and and damp. Summer is my favorite time of year and cook outs are one of my favorite summer time hobbies. Yes, I'm calling going to cook outs a hobby. A very fun delicious hobby.

Yesterday was my friend Jon's 30th birthday. Uncle Scott threw a surprise birthday party for him and although the weather was not very summer like we grilled and ate lots of delicious grilled meats. I'm pretty sure I could have eaten all the kielbasa.

Uncle Scott lives on a pond. I love his house and wish this was my backyard.

I think I was a mermaid in my past life. I love being by the water and I love to swim. Fishing is not really my thing though. I can't take the hooks out of a fish with out wanting to cry. I do like to feed the ducks. There is no crying when you feed the ducks.

Yesterday was also Cinco De Mayo. I had some quality cousin time with my cousins Lauren and Alexis. We got a drunk guy kicked out of the bar. He had just come from the Red Sox game and was clearly wasted. He was falling all over us. I think he thought he was being smooth. My cousin told him she was engaged but that didn't stop him. The final straw was when he kissed the back of my head. We got the bouncer and he was kicked out. He was standing outside trying to get back in for a good 15 minutes. Thank you City Side bartenders and bouncers. They were really nice guys.

I have a wicked headache today. I didn't drink any water last night so it's my own stupid fault. It's finally sunny out today and I'm inside taking advil and drinking water. At least my tongue is feeling much better. I was worried drinking would irritate it but I seem to be fine. Thank God, it's not fun having a swollen tongue that feels like you burned it on hot tea.


  1. i like cook outs, too! i'm glad you had a pretty good cinco de mayo

  2. I wish that was my backyard too!

  3. That backyard looks awesome! Great pics, Ginny!

  4. Cookouts are hobbies. You have to cook and sit -- Those are things you do! Hobbies are things you do. Therefore, cookouts are hobbies!