Monday, June 18, 2012

Lightsabers, macaroni statue and Prometheus

I need another weekend to recover from this weekend. Luckily I'm only working two days this week and then I'll be hanging out on the beach and possibly (hopefully) going to the Adirondacks for the weekend.

But let's get back to this past weekend.

Friday was my friend Lil Anne's birthday party. She has a lightsaber in her apartment which is the best toy to play with when you have a few drinks in you. Especially when you make the sound effects yourself.

Fiona demonstrates for us

Apparently it was also strange photos with Ginny time.

I was really tired so we left around 1 and ordered Chinese food and passed out. The cats think it's the best think ever when there's two people to annoy for attention.

Saturday started off with the best of intentions but ended with meeting up with some of Derek's college friends and taking pictures with the giant macaroni statue that is now in Faniuel Hall.

You really think you can put a giant macaroni statue in Faniuel Hall, drunk town USA, and not have people climb on it?

I also rocked this new tank top I got. It's lace in the back so I bought a bright green bra to go under it. Classy. I'll have to take a picture the next time I wear it.

I also saw Prometheus this weekend. I had heard mixed things about the movie but I actually liked it. I think going into it not expecting it to be Alien helped. In the first Alien movie the crew comes across a skeleton with it's chest cracked open that was dubbed the "space jockey". In Prometheus you learn more about what that species was. It reminds me a bit of Season of Passage by Christopher Pike although Season of Passage was creepier in my eyes. Why has that not been made into a movie?
Anyone else see Prometheus? Thoughts?


  1. There is a giant Marconi noodle, and they expect people to not mess with it? Are they insane? I want a picture with it.

    Also lightsaber FTW!

  2. I liked Prometheus. I didn't really have any expectations of it though. I just thought it looked cool and didn't mind that it was kind of confusing.

    p.s. I like that triangular necklace.

    1. I liked it too and visually it was awesome.

      I got that necklace at express. I call it my shark tooth necklace.

  3. I haven't seen Prometheus but I've heard mixed things and the general agreement that if you go in not expecting Alien you'll enjoy it. I love the lightsaber, I would so do play with that and make the sounds myself while drunk. I'd probably do it sober too. Climbing a macaroni statue though is out of the question. For me at least. I can understand the temptation though.

  4. Who would NOT climb on a giant noodle? sheesh.

  5. Safety, schmafety, I would climb on that giant noodle (not an innuendo, I swear) I did not know that Prometheus was an Alien movie, but the trailer makes me not want to see it. Maybe I'll watch it for free illegally. But I wouldn't pay to see it.

  6. I want to climb a giant noodle! Jealous.

  7. Everyone come to Boston and climb the noodle!