Sunday, June 10, 2012

A new favorite spot

I think I have a new favorite bar. It's the Rosebud Bar and Grill in Somerville. I've been to the Rosebud Diner but I had no idea that there was a bar behind the diner. It's pretty small and the bands are usually pretty bad but the bartenders are nice and it's great for people watching. Last night the bartender did a shot with us and knocked one of our drinks off the bill. I think he felt bad that this drunk guy kept bothering me. I was there with my boyfriend and it was clear that we were together but this guy was persistent. He finally got the hint when I smacked his arm away after he tried to touch my face. Derek said something at that point and the guy finally went to bother someone else.

Today I met my mother at the nursing home where my grandmother is staying for a visit. We saw my aunt on the way out. Apparently my grandmother has the most visitors out of everyone. I'm not surprised. When we got there one of her friends was inside visiting with her. She seemed happy that my mom came. Even though my parents divorced when I was 5 my grandmother still calls her her daughter in law. I'm really amazed at how my grandmother is always in a good mood. Recovering from a stroke can't be easy but she always has a smile.

My mom and I caught up over lunch after visiting my grandmother. I stuffed my face with bread and toasted raviolis at the Chateau in Waltham. I had left overs but I ate them already. We got a phone call right after lunch from my sister-in-law Ashley and she told us that my brother got his orders and they are going to be stationed in Panama City Florida. It's going to be real tough visiting them in Florida.

So that was my weekend. It was hot and sunny and full of delicious food.

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  1. It's always nice finding a new bar. Except for when there are creeps but I suppose that's what boyfriends, awesome bartenders, and mace, are for. I'm glad your grandmother is doing well. Recovering from a stroke isn't easy, and doesn't seem fun, but she's not letting it get her down, which is great :) It sucks that he's stationed far away, but at least he's still in the US. It's something to take from it I guess.