Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I can have brain?

Tired tired tired. I was supposed to meet up with Melissa for Starbucks but I just want to be a lazy bum. I need to be a lazy bum tonight. I'm sure the new assistant I'm training thinks I'm a scatter brain. I meant to say that the post office closes at 5:30 and I said 7:30. I corrected myself but only after she repeated "ok, 7:30" and I realized that I had said the wrong time.

Do you every have those days when you just feel like an idiot? You just can't get it together and you feel like everyone else can tell. That pretty much sums up how I've been feeling the past two days.

I made some couscous (note to self: do not get the plain couscous next time) and I'm going to veg out with some gymnastics. This is my plan but I'll probably get all worked up and really into it which is not how you relax. But at least I'm in my pj's and not wearing a bra and any stupid thing I say will only be heard by the cats.


  1. Not wearing a bra is the new black. Or so they say.

  2. I felt like that this whole past week. I had to work extra because the other manager was out of town and I was sick. I was a space cadet all week. (I'm watching gymnastics right now)

  3. Well you do sound pretty relaxed. Maybe that's the problem. You've been too relaxed lately. It's not really a bad thing though, you just need to snap yourself back to reality whenever applicable.