Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A little less yelling please

On July 1st the MBTA fare increases went into effect. No one was happy about this, especially a train operator on the B train. When I'm riding the T into work at 8 a.m., the last thing I want to hear is yelling. I like my morning train ride to be quite and usually it is. We're all in a morning stupor and talking takes energy. On this morning though the T operator was yelling at someone at every stop and if you've ever taken the B train you know there are a lot of stops.


The guy is right there. He's going to give you the fifty more cents if you calm it down and let him. She was also pissy that people's Charlie cards were not reading on the first tap which is clearly the card holders fault. It has nothing to do with the machine.

Of course I tweeted at the GM of the MBTA. Of course I got no response. At least I got my frustrations out via twitter.

Really, there is no need to be so nasty. The customers are the ones paying more money for bad service. You'll get to retire early with a pension. I would be in a better mood if I got that deal.


  1. Really the travelers are the ones who are paying over this, literally and figuratively. The staff should try and make the transition smoother and calmer, not yell at everyone.

  2. You know, logically I know that being a T driver is probably a difficult job, but so many of them are so nasty that I have trouble sympathizing with them.