Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Boston's last alternative radio station is off the airwaves. FNX was bought out by Clear Channel, because we need another station that plays Katy Perry on repeat. I'm really sad about the loss of FNX and I know I'm not the only one. FNX was a really unique station that made me actually want to listen to radio.

I remember listening to the Sandbox every morning getting ready for work. I remember getting overly excited hearing a song on the radio that I never thought any station would play. I remember jumping up and down at the Orpheum to Franz Ferdinand at their yearly holiday concert. I have a lot of good memories with FNX.

RIP! Boston will miss you.


  1. That is a pretty sad occasion :( I guess if you want an alternative station you'll have to go online for it now.

  2. :( That is really sad. Fargo has never had an alternative station. Just a lot of new country stations and one that plays Katy Perry on repeat. I listen to my 90's Grunge/Alternative station on Pandora as much as possible. :( Sadness for you.