Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trendsetter or lazy

I've been seeing a lot of "dare to go bare" tweets and articles lately. Empowering woman to go out of the house with no makeup on gasp! I'm reading this and I'm like, wait a second. I do this all the time. Mostly because I'm lazy. I'll wear some make up if I'm going out on the town somewhere but normally I slap on some chap stick and maybe some under eye concealer. If I have time maybe I'll put on some eye shadow.

Who do I need to impressing running across the street for pizza? Certainly not the BC students or the pizza guy. I wear very little makeup at work usually because I forget to put it on as I'm running out the door.

There are good reasons to go bare most of the time. When you do get all face fancy people will be like damn, you're looking good! They don't have this expectation of fancy face all the time. Trust me this is the way to go. And when people tell you that you look good and you're not wearing any makeup you can tell them this is because you're a bare faced beauty.

Besides, I think Lady Ga Ga and Ke$ha wear enough glitter and makeup for all of us.

p.s. if anyone asks, I am definitely a trendsetter and not lazy


  1. I hardly ever wear make up. If I do its because I am going out and then I take every chance to do it up drag queen style. But my skin is so fickle that I tend to break out from anything I put on my face including face wash. But I know girls who wont go anywhere with out a full face of make up, even to the gym which is insane to me.

  2. I almost religiously wear some sort of base. My giant pores make me feel like too much of a hick otherwise. Don't ask me why I associate the two. It only happens when I have ratty hair.

  3. I really do prefer it when girls don't wear make up. I'm surprised that it's taken some kind of campaign to encourage it. You shouldn't be daring people to go without, they shouldn't feel the need to wear it in the first place. But oh well. You're definitely a trend setter. You can even get some hipster cred too. You were going bare before it was cool. Though I think to be a full hipster you have to start wearing make up now.

  4. I wear makeup like once a year. I just never really got in to wearing makeup. None of my sisters wear it either. I didn't know that we were being 'daring.'

  5. I'm a trendsetter?!? Awesome. North Dakotans don't usually get those fads for a year or so after they've hit the coast. :) I'm going to refer my friends to this post when they ask me again, "Do you ever put on makeup?" (answer: yes, but it's usually only mascara. and that is becoming rarer)

  6. I don't wear make up out of pure laziness. That, and I go to the gym after work and hate washing my face at the gym. My mascara just smudges around my already Uncle Fester-esque eyes. So I just don't wear make up.