Friday, August 17, 2012

A dedication to Gangsta's Paradise

I miss people dedicating songs over the radio. It doesn't really happen that much anymore.

The best radio dedication I ever made was Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise for my friend Brandy's birthday. You know, because we could really relate to that song being white pre-teens living in the burbs. We were so excited when they actually played it that we jumped up and down screaming all the words.

Gangsta's Paradise is now my go to karaoke song. Guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


  1. Oh, Coolio. How I miss rapping to his songs. One of my earliest influences.

  2. I love this little story. so classic.

  3. My go-to Karaoke song is Seal's "Kiss From a Rose." It doesn't get more romantic than that.