Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't forget your Guinness pants

Derek and I went to see Resident Evil 75 5 the other night. I actually thought Retribution was the 4th movie.

The theater was empty. I left my purse with Derek and went to find the bathroom. On my way back I notice this guy ahead of me is wearing pj pants. Upon closer inspection there were pints of Guinness printed on them.

They were pretty similar to these.

Guinness pants joined us in the theater and the three of us watched the movie. I'd also like to mention that he was wearing a t-shirt with no sleeves. At least he knows what shirt to wear with Guinness pants.

The movie was pretty sucky. It would have been better to watch at home.

Derek and I after the movie:

D: I don't even know what happened.

Me: I do. She was trying to escape from the Umbrella corporation.

D: What number movie was this?

Me: I think 4? Yea, 4. (I was wrong on this).

D: I think I only saw 1 and 2.

Me: Me too. But it looks like there will be another one after this with the way the movie ended.

D: Great.

Me: It's the new Land Before Time! (there are 13 Land Before Time movies by the way)

At least I got to see some sweet pants. That was probably the highlight of the movie and it wasn't even in the movie.


  1. Those are some very classy pants. I don't think I would wear them though, I couldn't pull them off.

    1. I agree. Way better than bud light pants.

  2. As tacky as that dude was, his clothing was right on for the occasion! I mean, you're going to the showing of a lame ass movie that would better be watched at home, so why not watch it like you're at home?! I'm sure that wasn't the thinking behind his wardrobe choice, but I'm now I'm kinda considering going to my next theater viewing in my comfy batman pj pants.

    1. He had the right idea. No need to get classed up for that movie. I should have worn pjs too but my pj pants aren't as cool.