Sunday, October 7, 2012

Party likes it's 2008

Last night we got the party started at dinner.

A very nice picture of me if I do say so. I must be saying something that starts with the letter F. Amy looks cute so I shall post it.

We split some pizza at Jimmy's (white for me) and then headed over to Golden Temple for some dancing times.

The ladies are ready, and Bonnie is getting ready to take many embarrassing pictures.

The dj is pretty bad. He doesn't believe in downloading music, he uses cds. This is what we were told when we requested Gangnam style. Ok, continue playing Michael Jackson, the Thong Song and any other song circa 2008.

Golden Temple attracts the weirdest crowd. Perfect people watching opportunity. We made some friends on the dance floor.

Ladies night family portrait.

There were quite a few cougars out which is no surprise for GT. Drunk college dudes is prime cougar playground. I don't judge. They're just having a good time.

I only had a few drinks so I'm feeling pretty great today. I didn't want to be hungover helping my cousin with her save the dates this afternoon.

I'm glad I finally got to meet Bonnie. Melissa has talked about her quite a bit. It's too bad she lives in Florida. She fits right in with the us and the GT dance party.


  1. So many fists in the air. It makes everyone look really excited to be dancing. I shall have to remember to do this more the next time I go dancing.

    1. Oh yes the fists means the party has started!