Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stalking is ok if you're a vampire

I keep thinking it's Friday but SURPRISE it's still very much Thursday.

This weekend Melissa's friend Bonnie is coming into town so we're going to take her out and show her a good time. I hope Bonnie's idea of a good time is dancing to music that was really popular back in 2005 because that's what's happening.

Derek is leaving for New York tomorrow. I was invited but declined as I do not want to sleep on a couch at a fraternity, plus he should have his guy time with his friends. I think I'm going to stay in Friday night and watch netflix with the kitties in my pjs.

Maybe I'll start watching Vampire Diaries again. I'm trying to get into it but it hasn't happened. Does anyone else find it creepy that the premise of this show is "you look like the love of my life who is dead so we should totally be together because you look like her". On the creepy Edward Cullen vampire scale I give that a 7. Not to mention Stephen stalks her.

Here I am at your school!
Here I am in the grave yard!

Here I am at your house!

Stalking is ok if you're a hot vampire apparently. We learned this from Twilight.

Actually I don't find Stephen hot. I'm team Damon.

Yep. Team Damon for sure.

I apologize if you're a dude reading this blog. I have no idea how this turned into a Vampire Diaries post.

Is it Friday yet?

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