Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I got flowers but still no car

Today is Administrative Professionals Day.  I got gift cards for itunes and Barnes & Noble AND pink roses.

The attorneys also treated us to lunch.  Due to my being a diligent little worker bee I had to eat my lunch later in the kitchen.  I was sad I didn't get to eat with everyone else but there was a rush project that had to be done.  I think I earned my goodies.  I'm going to head to Barnes & Noble tomorrow and buy a ton of books.

I left work early to pick up my car.  My mother picked me up from the train station and gave me a ride to the mechanic.  I start my car and none of the electronics are working - my radio, my interior lights, my AC, nothing.  Something is still wrong with my car. 

Luckily my mother waited around to make sure my car was ok.  We wrote a note for the mechanic and I go back to my car to get my key only to discover that I locked my key in my car.  At this point I start crying.  I have to call AAA to break into my car - my car that is not fixed.  It's a bit ridiculous if you think about it.  I'm pretty sure the tow truck guys were laughing at me.  I would be laughing at me.

Let's hope tomorrow is a calmer day.

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