Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I don't get you foursquare

Ok I get foursquare but I don't get it.  Got it?  Yeah....

I know I sound like a grandma here.  "What's this Foursquare thing?  What is the Facebook?  In my day we read paper books not face ones!"  I enjoy talking like an old person way too much.  Just ask Melissa about my old Ginny impression.

I do know what Foursquare is.  I know you can check in somewhere and if you check in more than anyone else you become the mayor.  I was also informed that sometimes you can get deals for being the mayor.  Well I like deals and I've never been the mayor of anything so maybe I should give this a shot?

Before I do, I have a few questions for you Foursquare users.
  1. Do you get a top hat when you become the Mayor?  I feel like I won't care unless I get a top hat.
  2. Do people Foursquare stalk you?  Like, "Hey I saw you were at your OBGYN so I thought I'd swing by and say hello after you got your lady parts checked out."
  3. Does anyone actually check into their OBGYN?  That would be creepy.  
  4. Do you check into your house?  If so.  That is dumb.  This is a question/statement.
  5. Have you met anyone in real life that you met through Foursquare?  This, I think would be awesome - unless they are stalking you and/or are not hot.
I'm on pretty much every social media site.  Do I really need to add Foursqaure to the list?  Getting deals and possibly becoming mayor with a top hat is quite the incentive though.

Thoughts on Foursquare?


  1. I hate Foursquare. The only upside to it is finding discounts for checking in somewhere... but really, does a $10 coupon make it worth me announcing to the world exactly where I am? Not a snowball's chance in hell.

  2. My friends use Foursquare and I'm not a fan. I don't have an iphone, so that may be part of the problem, but I don't get why people feel the need to announce where they are every time they change locations. It's probably great for stalkers.

  3. This is why I have been putting off joining. I think people knowing where and what I'm doing all the time is a bit creepy.

  4. Foursquare actually freaks me out. Why do you want to announce to the world - HEY look, I'M NOT HOME! might as well be saying, why don't you go to my house and rob me?

  5. I check in to places in a very limited fashion on Facebook, and usually as I'm leaving so if people want to get creepy, I'm already gone.

    I looked at foursquare once and grandma Lorraine was all, "by golly, gee whiz! What is all this??" She was very confused.

    Also, I've seen some foursquare abusers. And it gets annoying. I get that you go to the gym every mother fudgin' day at 4pm. I GET IT.


  6. There are no top hats for becoming mayor. You do get a nifty little image of a crown by your name though.

    I have mine set so only my approved friends can see where I am. Which takes the creep factor down a little bit.

    Also I got a free magnet at Madame Tussaud's in Vegas. So that was neat.

  7. Foursquare is the ultimate in creepy social media takeover. I vote NO.

  8. I like crowns! Even if they are fake internet crowns.

    My company gave a free ipod to our building's mayor though... so maybe there is something good there.

  9. i dont *get* it either. if you are gonna go ahead and try it, update us in a month or so and let us know how it went... also if you got any top hats.

  10. @Maxie - woah um I want a new ipod!! Screw the top hat!

    Crowns could also work...

  11. My little sister and best friend are my only FourSquare friends because I don't want everyone knowing all my business. But my sister and I totally text each other "OH. I SEE YOU'RE AT CHIPOTLE. YOU'RE GETTING ME SOME, RIGHT?"

    And I'm now going to buy a top hat to wear to all the places where I am mayor.

  12. yes! The top hat thing will catch on!

  13. I'm reeeally worried about the whole people stalking me thing. Actually, I'm always hiding from people anyway. When friends ask me if I'm in my office on campus, I say no and then go hide in the back.

  14. Foursquare scares me...I don't want people knowing how much I actually sit on my couch.

  15. I use Foursquare for work- like if I'm at a music venue, that's the ONLY time I "check in." It's all for marketing, so my friends know where I am and which band is playing.

    What the hell is this "mayor" business? No thank you.

  16. a still dunno what 4square is, besides a childhood game I played and loved

  17. I loved playing foursquare as a kid!