Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zebra flip flops.

I'm sitting at work with my zebra flip flops on.  My feet still have blisters from trapezing around Vegas in four inch heels.  My pinky toes seem to be back to their normal size.  I paid $50.00 for those shoes and I don't think I'll ever wear them again.  I'm afraid of them. 

I'm trying to wear appropriate foot atire at work but it's quite painful.  My foot pain is also a constant reminder of Vegas which is making me a bit sad this morning.  This time last week I was on a plane heading to Vegas.  Now I'm sitting at my desk trying to hide the fact that I'm wearing zebra flip flops - which were purchased in Vegas. 

Being back from vacation is rough!

On a bright note - the weather is going to be great for the long weekend.  Looks like the zebra flip flops are here to stay.


  1. Zebra flip flops are always appropriate in my world.

  2. I hate shoes. I love them, I buy tons, I adore them, then I wear them and for the next week I need to only wear flip flops. Oh the to be female.

  3. Coming back from vacation is the worst. Real life suddenly seems four hundred thousand times worse.

  4. My pink fedora is staring at me every time I come into the apartment. I don't have many occasions to wear it.

    FORTUNATELY my feet are starting to recover. I can wear flats again, at least.

  5. @Just me - I'm so totally with you on this

    @Penny - This is me as well. Ugh. Being a girl is rough.

    @Nicole - they need like a drug to help with this.

    @Kelly - I think we need to create an occasion to wear it