Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'll bring him down.

I really want to like the new Lady Ga Ga album, but so far I'm not digging it.  The only two songs I like are Judas and You and I.  Maybe it's one of those albums that will grow on me over time?  I had a feeling I wasn't going to be obsessed with Ga Ga's new album once I heard Born This Way.  We don't need Express Yourself 2.0.

I want fun hooks not half a song in German.  The Fame was a fun dance album that had me instantly hooked and dancing around.  I can barely make it through Born This Way.  At least I only paid 99 cents for the album.

Anybody else listen to Ga Ga's new album yet?  I want to know what you think.

Work is rough today.  It's my first day back after BiSC and my head is still in Vegas.

While I was away my work fish BG died.  He wasn't looking so good when I left and my boss reported that he was dead on Sunday when he stopped by the office.

I already have a new fish though.  I'd like you to meet Edward Cullen.  The vampire betta fish!

He likes playing piano, staring at you creepily, sparkling and BLOOD.


  1. i think every gaga song i've ever heard i hated upon first listen. but then...they always seem to grow on me. even born this way. and i tried SO hard to hate that song for always. i think glee is what finally did me in.

  2. There isn't enough chocolate in the world to make a Gaga song grow on me. I'm not even sure that makes sense, but also, yes it does.

    The fact that you like Judas made me cry a little. I was going to write that I was reconsidering our friendship, but I like you a lot and you work next to a mall with yummy food, so I really don't want to jepoardize our friendship.

    Goodbye old fish.
    Hello new fish.

    I wonder if he likes girl fish who look constipated and blink a lot. HMM.


  3. I couldn't stand her first single. At all. I wrote a ranting review of it because all I could hear was Madonna. Her second single is a lot better, but I doubt I'll be buying the new album. "Judas" is good, but it ain't no Poker Face.

    Betta fish are my favorite!! I have one tatted on me :)

  4. @ameena - I'm hoping the album grows on me. Some of her songs do.

    @Lor - I'm glad the location of my building is the basis of our friendship. I totes need a bella fish

    @Tsa - I was like 99 cents. I'll pay that.

  5. I tried to download it on the 99 CENT DAY OMG. Then it sat for twelve hours and I got one song out of it. And then the download expired.

    So I really haven't heard it yet. So, IDK.

  6. I heard people were having problems. My guess is the site was overloaded with people trying to download. I was one of the lucky ones.

  7. I really like You and I... and that's about it. She has a great voice. I'd buy an album if it was just her and the piano.