Monday, May 23, 2011

The flashing lights and ringing bells

I've returned from Bloggers in Sin City.  I'm exhausted and I have swollen pinky toes but I had the best time!  I love Vegas and I love bloggers.  I feel like I need to do a separate post just for all the dancing pictures.

  • The GO rooms at the Flamingo.
  • Brandy and I doing "the dragon" all weekend and the baby panda pose
  • Meeting Carly and Bob, my fellow Bostonians
  • Nico's dance moves including the misleading robot
  • Sunny pool time
  • Bottle service at Chateau Nightclub on the roof top
  • Absinthe at Cesar's Palace.  Everyone loved this show.
  • Delicious food.  Seriously, I had some amazing scallops and burgers.
  • Brandy tweeting from Nic's phone.  I love those two.
  • Cutting the line at Pure VIP style
  • Champagne and late night burgers
  • Surviving the apocalypse
The NOT SO Vegas
  • The blisters and swollen pinky toes thanks to my cute black heels.
  • The $5.00 bag of Cheetos.  I mean they were delicious but seriously Vegas?  Come on!  I'm just eating processed crunchy cheese dust here!
  • Leaving at 5:30 a.m. to fly back home.
I so learned my lesson with the heels.  I just can't rock the four inch heels.  How do you ladies do it?  I am packing flats, wedges and low heels next time.  Not worth the pain even if my shoes and legs looked good.  Blisters and swollen pinky toes are not hot.

I'm surprised that I'm only tired and not dying.  In one night I drank mixed drinks, shots, champagne, wine and beer.  There really is something in the air in Vegas.

As you can see my NOT SO list is pretty lame.  I had the best time!  Thank you so much Nicole for once again putting this all together. If you're thinking of going next year, DO IT.  You will not regret it.


    1. YES! Bottle service at Chateau and cutting the line at Pure - AWESOME.

    2. So glad you came! And I'm right there with you on the heels. SUCH SORE FEET!

    3. The misleading robot could not have come to fruition without the BiSCuits! Ah, good times.

    4. @suki - I'm so glad you ended up coming to the Chateau to join the dance party

      @Nicole - cute flats next time. And THANK YOU AGAIN SOOO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING

      @Tsa - Thank you. I used my phone for these ones.

      @Nico - I'm glad the misleading robot was unleashed at BiSC

    5. Vegas, feck yeah! Had a blast with you, roomie :)

    6. You got some great photos!

    7. I think you should call Andy roomie for fun ha ha.

      Thanks TJ!

    8. im over here to say hi, because brandy said you were amazing and because, WE'RE BOTH FROM BOSTON! hi :)

    9. I WISH I COULD HAVE GOOOONNNNEEEEEE. Glad you had so much fun :D