Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rogue sparkle

I woke up to a bed full of glitter.  I suppose this is what happens when you let the lead singer of an all male Lady Ga Ga cover band spray your head with glitter or if you're Ke$ha.  I think most of it came out in the shower but I'm still finding a rogue sparkle.

Speaking of the cover band, Alejandro and the Fame - they were pretty fantastic.  They are a local band so I'll now be stalking them and requesting more glitter for my hair.

In actual news news - Whitey Bulger was captured near Los Angeles after being on the run for 16 years.  I mentioned this to Nugs on the train this morning and she was all "who?"  I suppose he's not as well known outside of Boston.  The Departed was supposedly inspired by him. 

I had a lovely little (or not so little) surprise this morning from some very special bloggers but I think I need to thank them in their own post because it was very thoughtful.  I'm so lucky to have my internet BFFs.


  1. <3 you.

    Also, I had to click the link because I didn't know who he was either. "/

  2. I think... I want to name my hypothetical band "Rogue Sparkle." (First single: "Bed Full of Glitter.")

    Also, I think that this band sounds AWESOME and I wish they would come here.

  3. Ha I love it and would like to be a member.

  4. They were pretty awesome. I took a pic of you walking away from the stage with glitter in your hair.