Thursday, June 2, 2011

The semi-dramatic death of a laptop

My laptop is dead and I cried.  I cried because I don't have the money to get a new one and probably won't for a while.  This would be the laptop that I had fixed only a few months ago.  My budget is already super tight right now and I'm afraid of what other black money hole is going to open up in my life.

Last night there was a state of emergency declared in Massachusetts.  Western Mass was hit by at least two tornadoes.  People are dead and others have lost everything they own, and I'm crying over my laptop like a giant jerk.

I'm not usually scared of thunder and lightning but last night I was jumping and yelping.  I came back upstairs from moving my laundry and the storm had turned pretty bad in only a few minutes.  I was getting ready to turn off and unplug my computer when a huge bolt of lightning hit nearby and that was all it took.  My laptop was plugged in, there was a power surge and now it's fried.  If I had thought to unplug it a minute earlier I wouldn't have been weeping over my dead laptop.

I cry when I get frustrated.  I suppose that's better than punching or kicking things.  It's just the way I react when I'm really angry and upset.  I got it out of my system after a few minutes.  I won't be able to get a new laptop for a while but I refuse to use my credit card.  I'm going to save up and when I have the money, I'll buy a new one.  This is going to suck but I can't keep falling back on credit cards to get me out of situations like this.  I'll never pay them off if I keep doing that. 

A laptop is not a necessity but dear God I'm going to miss having a computer at home.  I can still get online at work and on my phone.  The weekends will be hard because I tend to watch a lot of Netflix instant.  I'll probably pick up a new hobby or perhaps obsessively clean my apartment out of boredom.  Most likely I'll sleep a lot.


  1. I had my laptop stolen a few months ago so I know exactly how you feel. I went a while without it because I wanted to SAVE the money instead of putting it on a credit card. It was not easy at all. I don't remember what I did in the interim, which probably means there was totes a lot of sleep involved.

    I'm sorry about you 'top. :(
    You can text me a lot if it helps keep you entertained. ;)


  2. ugh, that's the worst without a laptop. i hate when my internet goes down at home.. it seems... like the end of the world. so to lose a laptop? i'm so sorry!