Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I desperately need a hair cut.  My hair is at a length where it's getting stuck in things.  This is not fun.  I'm quite broke at the moment though so if anyone is good with scissors and fine,wavy hair, please let me know.  I'll pay you in bubble gum and mac & cheese.

I have to come up with $870.00 this month.  There was a little mistake last year with paying for my parking spot that neither I nor the woman I rent the spot from noticed until I went to renew my lease.  So I have a double payment of $435.00 this month.  I'm freaking out a bit and praying to the money Gods that I can somehow manage to live very frugally the month of June and come up with this money.  The upcoming wedding I'm going to and the $105.00 I owe for my NKOTBSB ticket are pretty much giving me panic attacks.

Looks like June is the month of boxed wine and crazy long hair.


  1. Im having the same panic moments right now. Also part of it is to pay for my NKOTBSB tickets too! LOL But that part is sooooooooo worth it! I'd panhandle to pay for that ticket! haha

  2. I refuse to NOT go to that concert. I may be poor but at least I'll be singing my heart out.

  3. MY HAIR IS SO LONG! I need a haircut badly. I'm being lazy. My ends are disgustingly split and my trendy bang is taking over my face.