Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where are your shoes?

I noticed something when I went for a jog the other night, I mean besides the fact that I suck at jogging.  People running barefoot.  Is this a Boston thing?  I know they have those shoes that are suppose to make you feel like you're running barefoot but these people aren't even wearing those.  I'm talking nothing on their feet.

I'm so worried for these shoeless runners.  Rocks, glass, mysterious wet spot on the ground.  City streets are NASTY.  There are just too many horrible things that could touch your feet.  And how are your knees?  Mine are crying just looking at you.  I'm starting to feel like an outcast in my sneakers, like I'm not bad ass enough to run barefoot. 

Doing some research online I see equal amounts of people for and against barefoot running.  The people who are for it argue "well the cavemen did it".  Yeah and cavemen also hunted for their own food and didn't have modern plumbling. 

I suppose if it works for you, great.  But I'll be running in my sneakers thank you very much.


  1. That and the bottom of their feet get all nasty. There was a guy who skateboarded to classes, but he didn't wear shoes, and while he was a nice guy, oh man, he had funky feet... stanky.

  2. That sounds horrible! It's bad enough running WITH sneakers! I tried running barefoot in my basement (which is carpeted, mind you) once when it was raining, and my legs hurt for days. Never again.