Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Life is pretty vanilla right now.  There is nothing very exciting going on.  I go to work, I come home, I read, I go for walks and hang out with friends.  I've been getting bored of the repetitive cycle.  I need something to spice things up.  Even my lunch is boring. PB&J every day.  I decided to mix it up with a salad today.  Whoa baby!  Let's not get crazy.

When I have a lot of free time on my hands I start to wish I wasn't single.  I could at least be boring with someone.  I do enjoy having the whole bed to myself though so I need to remind myself it's not all bad on the single side.

I feel like my blog posts have been less than stellar lately.  Maybe I'm blogging too often so I don't have that much to say or maybe it's a summer slump.  My mind is distracted by nice weather and margaritas.  A few other bloggers that I talk to seem to feel the same way. 

Anyways, why do I keep getting LinkedIn requests on my personal and work e-mail?  I'm not even on LinkedIn.  It seems to be the same people trying to add me over and over again.  I'm not interested Karen and Mary, so back off.

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  1. They must really want you in their network! LinkedIn has an option of sending an invite email to people in your address book to join the site.

    Blogging is always pretty slow in the summer. Everyone's out enjoying the weather :)