Monday, July 11, 2011

High heels are trying to kill me and was that that guy I use to date?

So walking back to my apartment at 4 a.m. the other night in high heels may not have been the best idea.  My right foot is hurting pretty bad in the middle of my foot.  According to Dr. Google (this is where I google my ailments and let the internets diagnose me) I may have sprained a ligament in my foot.  I've been icing it and trying to rest but unfortunately my day involves a bit of walking just getting to and from work.

I sat at my desk with an ice pack under foot.  It helped except that I had to keep getting up to actually do my work.  My desk job does not involve me sitting all day.

Time to get more cute flats.

So I'm hobbling my way back from the pharmacy after picking up a prescription and this guy crosses my path and starts walking ahead of me.  It was a guy that I had dated last winter who broke up with me during a new episode of Lost.  I remember being like "ok you're breaking up with me, but can you do this quicker because I'm watching Lost". 

Clearly I wasn't that heartbroken.  Our age difference freaked me out a bit and he still lived like a 21 year old band dude when he was in his late 30s.  I still have no desire to run into him.  I have nothing to say except maybe "what was I thinking!"

He quickly veered into the liquor store though.  Dude was on a mission!  Glad that's your stop on your way home from work on a Monday.  Thumbs up!

I texted Melissa asap because she finds this sort of thing hilarious and this would be the second time he's just randomly popped up in front of me.  I have no idea why I ever dated this guy.


  1. Oh no! Not a heels-related injury! Those are the freakin worse. Hence the reason I always walk around barefoot after a long night at the bar.

    And I hate run-ins with ex boyfriends. However I found out recently that my ex boyfriend is missing a tooth and I am dying to find out why, so I am currently hoping/going to the grocery store by his house to run into him so I can ask what happened. =) I'm evil.

    And also, he was trying to break up with you during Lost? RUDE! I probably would have told him to wait till the episode was over.

  2. maybe you could strap the ice pack to the bottom of your foot, and then on the other foot strap something else of equal size, and tada, you could walk around with the ice pack.

  3. @Sassy Pants - I have this thing with teeth so if an ex of mine was missing a tooth I would so grossed out even if it happened after we dated.

    @Missy Me - I think this would be a very good idea