Monday, July 11, 2011

Have you heard of this thing called an iPhone? Cause I totally got one.

Yes I'm behind the trend but don't judge too harshly.  I did have a smart phone, just not an iPhone.  I caved today and traded in my HTC Droid for an iPhone 4.  I am so hip guys!  Finally.

The first app I downloaded was instagram because I love me some cell phone camera pics.  I probably use my phone more than my point and shoot for taking photos.  I'm pumped!  Ooh and it has a flash!

I call this the ingenue face.  I'm also wearing my Flash Dance shirt.

So far me and Mr. iPhone have been doing pretty well.  I mean sure I couldn't figure out how to put my phone on silent at work but I figured out how to use that camera app.  I did figure out how to put it on silent eventually.

So if you're on instagram look me up under ginntastic.  You'll follow me, I'll follow you, we'll swoon over each other's photos.  It will be fantastic.


  1. Instagram....what is that now?

    I'm obsessed with my iphone, video footage of stanley cup and bruins parade, plus high quality pics and videos anywhere anytime? Wahoo.

    Only issue is the battery life and auto-correct.

    Enjoy Ginn-nay

  2. Download it asap! It's a free camera app that takes fun pics. I'll show it to you next time we hang.