Friday, July 8, 2011

What I know about wine

Last night I went over to Eleanor and Cass' place for a bit of wine and dessert.  I love hanging out and chatting with a glass or four of wine.  I'll add that to my list of hobbies right below procrastination.

I love wine.  More specifically I love white wine.  If you want to get really specific I love pinot grigio.  I'm not that picky though.  I'm not above boxed wine or whatever wine is offered to me.  But if I'm going to buy a bottle or order a glass I usually stick with pinot grigio.

Picking out a bottle of wine at the store is pretty simple for me.  The first step is to glance over the labels on the bottles until one catches my eye.  Does it look pretty or have a fun design?  That's the wine for me.  The second step to Ginny wine selection is price.  If it's not under $10.00 it should be decent and I never go over $20.00. 

This method hasn't failed me yet but it's not very classy.  If someone should ask me why I picked that wine I can't say "well the label looked sort of glittery".  I should probably attempt to learn something about wine besides "white" and "red".  I need to expand my pallet and try new types.  Except desert wine.  That's how I met an ex-boyfriend of mine and now I can't stomach the stuff.  Never did like it but now it's especially vomit inducing.

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  1. I definitely have the same approach when it comes to picking wines, "Oooooh! This label is so pretty!'