Sunday, July 10, 2011

Must acquire feather boa.

Friday night was KL's bachelorette party.  She kept insisting it was just a girls night out.  I told as many people as possible she was getting married as a reminder that this was her bachelorette party.

We had dinner and cocktails at this restaurant called Cuchi Cuchi.  It was delicious and I loved the atmosphere.  Old school glamor.  It was like I was in the Great Gatsby.  I ate dinner with a feather boa.

After dinner we headed down the street to Phoenix Landing for some dancing.  I'm pretty sure the guy that was hitting on me was gay he just didn't know it yet.  I danced on a bench to Backstreet Boys.  The music was awesome.

I stopped by the Tavern on the way home.  Recognized a client's ex-wife.  I think she knew who I was too.  Awkward.

I stayed in Saturday night and went to bed at 9.  I woke up with my left eye watering like crazy and my eyes burning.  I need to get me some eye drops stat.  Allergies are so hot.  So is crying from one eyeball.

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  1. I love dancing in public places to the Backstreet Boys!