Monday, August 22, 2011

Congratulations you have a urinary tract infection!

That would be what my doctor said to me when she walked in the room today.  Let me tell you work was fun today.  So is peeing.  TMI?  Welcome to my blog.  Now I'm going to say a little prayer that the antibiotic doesn't make me vomit.  There's about a fifty percent change it will.  Fingers crossed!

I got home from work to a nice little surprise in my mail box though.

HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!  This almost made me forget that I'm peeing razor blades.  Nugs mailed this to me as a little surprise.  Thanks Nugs!  This made my day!  Is it March yet?  I'm ready for this movie NOW.

Are you team Gale or team Peeta? 


  1. Condolences. I am queen of the UTI. Please, take my scepter.

  2. I have a funny book club story for you (I hope this isn't too long).

    One of the girls is in another book club, and they read The Hunger Games. One of the other members in the club did the book on tape thing. It was read by someone (I'm assuming the author?) and that person had a British accent. So the entire time she thought "Peeta" was "Peter." And during the discussion she was getting so confused with who Peeta was.

    ...I don't know if this is as funny with me telling it, but it was hilarious when I was told the story.

  3. ugh- UTI's are the worst in the entire world. Haaaate them. I seriously need to read Hunger Games... I'm late in the club, I suppose.

  4. Oh no! I've totally had one of those - they are the worst. Drink cranberry juice and feel better soon!

  5. @Nicole - no one need to be the queen of the UTI, that is no fun.

    @Shelly - That is pretty funny and was probably very confusing ha ha.

    @Katie - the books are awesome. I haven't met a person yet who didn't like the series.

    @Lauren - Thank you! I'm drinking lots of fluids.

  6. UTIs are the worst. The absolute worst! I hope you feel better and the medicine doesn't make you puke :/

  7. Feel better! (oh, and Team Peeta. Can't wait for the movie!)


  9. I just found this post because I am seriously bad with keeping up with blogs. But I'm glad you loved it! I got this in the mail and was immediately like, "GIN!"

    Then I thought of you (zing!).

    Seriously, come visit whenever.

    I also like how you chose not to comment on how I managed to get in a dig about the Patriots. J!E!T!S!