Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm suppose to be getting stuff done but...

I was cleaning and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I thought this is my getting shit done hair.  Piled on top of my head, nothing fancy, just getting shit done.  I decided to take a picture of my getting shit done hair.

Then I spent a good ten minutes messing with camera apps on my phone.  Where was I?  Oh yes, cleaning.  Getting shit done. 

Thank you all for your super nice tweets and comments about my UTI.  I'm feeling better today and so far the antibiotics are staying down.  A bunch of my co-workers went out for drinks after work and I did not partake which sucked but I'm being a good girl and recovering and not taking any chances drinking with the antibiotics.

I figure that with the money I'll be saving this week by not drinking it's ok to buy a few items of clothing right?  RIGHT?!  I honestly don't have that much money to throw around right now but my clothing is in a sorry state.  I'm talking holes and just worn out.  I can't find one cardigan without a hole in it.  Part of this is due to Mr. Binx ripping holes in them.  UGGGGH!  You're lucky you're cute cat.  My jeans are just old.  I got my moneys worth.  So I bought a leopard print sweat and a pair of black jeggings.  I have never bought a pair of jeggings before.  I love my skinny jeans so it's only logical that I buy some jeggings.  I ordered online so we'll see if they fit.

I suppose I should mention the earthquake that happened today.  The one that I didn't feel at all.  Am I the only one in Boston that did not feel this thing?  I was annoyed that it made me miss a doctor's appointment.  I was in the waiting room when we were told to evacuate.  I have no idea why.  It didn't look like the quake did any damage.  I waited outside for 20 minutes and decided to just go back to work and reschedule.  Lame.

I suppose I should get back to cleaning.  Thank you for the distraction internets.  How about some cleaning tunes?


  1. Glad you're feeling better and hopefully the jeggings work out :) I'm a proud jegging enthusiast.

    It's crazy that they had everyone evacuate. We get mini quakes not frequently but often enough that we just sit and wait for them to be over. I don't know what I'd do, though, when the next big one hits. Yikes.

  2. friend fail: I'm glad you're feeling better <3

  3. ...I don't support the jeggings though. It's a good thing I love you so much.

  4. also, the captcha on that last comment was "stoners" just thought I'd share.


  5. When my mom called me about the earthquake the first thing I thought of was "WHY HAS GINNY NOT TEXTED ME SAYING SHE IS OK??? IS SHE ALIVE??? OHMYGOD!"

    Did I mention I have family all over the East Coast?

    Also I have three pairs of jeggings. I lie all the time and call them "skinny jeans."


  6. These jeggings look an awful lot like skinny jeans in the picture. We'll see when they come in.

    Nugs - If I'm ever not ok I'll be sure to text you "not ok! texting via my toe! I have no arms"

  7. Aw, gave me a fond memory of the canceled show Better off Ted and how Portia de Rossi's high-executive character always rocked "power hair" (ie tied back in a trim bun)