Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Did you know that pineapples grow on bushes?

Because I didn't know that for a very long time.  I just assumed they grew on trees.  I have never encountered an actual pineapple still on the tree bush.  I found out in a quite embarrassing way - Farmville.  I played Farmville for a total of two days before I got annoyed with people constantly asking me to "fertilize their crops".  I noticed on Farmville that pineapples were growing from bushes.  I had to google this right away and to my horror Farmville was right.  Pineapples do not grow on trees.

I had yet to see a real live pineapple bush until the mall that my office building is attached to decided to plant some inside the mall.  Because pineapple bushes in a mall in Boston makes total sense. 

After lunch with Melissa I decided I needed to show her the pineapples.

"Hey do you want to see something!"



It's fun being my friend.

So I dragged Melissa to the pineapple bushes and took a photo.

I feel like I accomplished something in my life.  Seeing the pineapple in the wild - sort of.  In the wilds of the mall!

My question is, will anyone attempt to steal a pineapple and eat it? I feel like it's going to happen (and no I won't be stealing any pineapples, I know you must think I'm crazy because I just wrote a whole post about pineapples but I'm not that crazy).

Other recent discoveries - hood rat does not mean "someone who wears hoodies a lot".

And I also have to thank everyone who voted for me for featured blogger on 20sb.  I know it was like the pity Susan Lucci vote but I don't care.  Thank you!


  1. My quest to annoy you has finally come to an end. GIN FTW! Featured Blogger Forever!!!!

  2. HAHAHA YESSSS! This is exactly how I learned the same thing. I was rather horrified and yet oddly fascinated by the fact a lame Facebook game taught me something....


    I think I was the person who nominated you in the first place.

  4. We had a pineapple bushtree in our backyard! It gave us one pineapple and then was all, "eff that noise," and never grew anything again. Lame.

    Congrats Gin!


  5. Ha nice Susan Lucci shout-out! Don't be so self-deprecating, you earned it, ho! And yeah, no judgements about dedicating a whole post to pineapples. I've done it, as well, namely to complain how I have to drink pineapple juice and avoid asparagus cause of the err fun side effects.

  6. I found you through 20sb and I love your blog! I am also a single blogger in the Boston area. Keep up the good work!

  7. I had never really given much thought to where pineapples came from but I guess I also assumed that they grew on trees. IT'S A LOGICAL ASSUMPTION.

    Thank you for the enlightenment. I am going to use this as a conversation piece at a cocktail party. Assuming I were the type of person to go to a cocktail party. It just seems like the type of occasion that this sort of knowledge would be useful for.

  8. Thanks guys! I'm glad you decided to stop on by and see what this blog is all about.

    Sassy - you were the one that nominated me so thank you!!

    Kelly - thank God I'm not alone ha ha.